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Grilled Pineapple with Jim’s Own Sauce Hot

Pineapples are beautifully sweet and plentiful in summer. Cut the pineapple in chunks or in strips and put on the grill with your meat. This is a delicious side that goes well with grilled chicken, hot dogs and fish or can be served as dessert with ICE CREAM!!

1 Pineapple cut in chunks or strips
½ cup Jim’s Own Sauce Hot
Vanilla ice cream to serve with the pineapple

Marinate the pineapple in the Jim’s Own Sauce Hot for 30 min. Heat the grill and add the pineapple. Grill until warm through and serve with a little extra of the sauce. You can also cook it in a pan on the stove.

Serve on ice cream and enjoy!

Variation: Add soy sauce and sesame seeds to the Jim’s Own Sauce for an oriental twist to this dish

grilled pineapple

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