Recipes ABTs


5-8 jalapenos
1 block cream cheese
1 package of mexican blend cheese
10-16 pieces shrimp (peeled and left whole)
Old Bay (for shrimp seasoning – could also use Jim’s Own Rubs)
16 slices of good quality bacon
Jim’s Own Smokey rub to sprinkle on bacon (the ABT).

STEP 1 – assemble ingredients
STEP 2 – Slice jalapenos lengthwise. Remove insides with spoon.
STEP 3 – Take softened cream cheese and add about a cup of Mexican blend and stir until incorporated. Smear mixture on to jalapeno half.
STEP 4 – Take whole shrimp and lay on that. Sprinkle shrimp with Old Bay
STEP 5 – Wrap the whole thing in a slice of bacon. Sprinkle outside of bacon with Jim’s Own Smokey.
STEP 6 – Cook indirect heat on grill or in oven at around 400° until bacon is finished.
ENJOY!!! – Slice on a diagonal and serve.

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