Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Canadian Steak Seasoning


3 lbs. chicken wings (party style)

nonstick cooking spray

3 T. cornstarch(for Gluten free) or flour

1/2 C Jim’s Own Canadian Steak Seasoning

Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing for dipping.


Spray the tray of the air fryer with non-stick cooking spray.

Pat the wings dry and coat each wing lightly with cornstarch and then coat generously with Jim’s Own Canadian Steak Seasoning. Arrange wing pieces on the air fryer tray(s) not allowing the pieces to touch. Cook like size pieces together, the thicker drummettes will take longer to cook that the smaller winglettes, Set the air fryer to 360 degrees F (370 for crispier wings). For thick drummettes cook about 14 minutes then flip and cook an additional 14 minutes. The smaller winglettes will take about 5 minutes less.

When done remove the wings from the cooker and serve with a side of ranch or blue cheese dressing.

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