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Pulled Beef Sliders

We made these beef sliders using shredded beef from our beef pot roastclick here for the full recipe for the beef pot roast. This is definitely something you can serve to a crowd. Prepare the BBQ ahead of time and just pile it on the slider buns when you are ready to serve – never dry and always a crowd pleaser.

For 4 servings

½ cup Jim’s Own Sauce Mild, Hot, Mustard or Smokey
2 – 3 cups of shredded cooked beef
8 slider rolls

Mix the Jim’s Own Sauce with the shredded beef. If you can do it while the beef is still hot even better – the flavor of the sauce will penetrate the beef fibers and be more intense.  Put the BBQ beef on the sliders and serve.

Optional toppings: Slaw, Shredded cheese, Baked beans, Sliced tomatoes or Grilled corn


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