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Hot - 16 fl. oz. (pint)


Jim's Own BBQ Hot is the bomb, now my wife Bj is from Augusta Ga., We have been married for 30 years and for 30 years I've been putting up with her grandma's secret recipe until I decided to go out on faith and try not to upset this union for 30 years and try a different sauce.
To make a long story short, we are still married and she has been Jimtized. Now my neighbor Shirley was over to the house for Panthers playoff game against Seahawks, that next day she went and got her some Jim BBQ sauce, guess what? She has been Jimtized. My whole family wants to know the new secret to my ribs and chicken wings.
Henry L Harper
Clemmons N C
P.S. By now you are wondering what the what is Jimtized, that's when you use your sauce for the first time and never go back to whatever and the wife says honey go to the store and get Jim's Own BBQ sauce, then my friends I knew she had been Jimtized.
Date Added: 01/24/2016 by Henry L Harper
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